Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Emergence (of True Darkness)


You would not believe the things that happen to me to prevent the actualization of my glorious plan to post new content on the morning of the day promised instead of mid-afternoon or late at night. And I'm not just talking about phenomena like how warm my bed is especially when contrasted with the cold of morning air, or that I need to do other stuff that, to reiterate an earlier point, has nothing whatsoever to do with the content of this comic. It's crazy. Crazy, I tell you!

I'm still working out the kinks of my (admittedly still primitive) process. For instance I noticed (and am therefore going to mention it so no one can think they've got something on me, at least based on this comic) right after I posted the latest that I was not consistent in the font sizes. Also I left "degree" capitalized unnecessarily, and I forgot to hyphenate "fast-food" (not that anyone besides me would care about this last). I could go back and change all this, but it'd be a pain and is not really worth it when, to quote a classic movie, "she may not look like much, kid," anyway. But she's got it where it counts. Which is sarcasm.

Anyway, the above considerations notwithstanding, I have become sufficiently proficient in the basics of Jasc Studio that any excessive time I spend is now just to decide on the right phrasing or get a posture just right, as opposed to wrestling with the program's mechanics. It's better this way.

I thought the scripts I came up with way back were pretty finished, at least in some cases, but even the "very finished" one that became today's comic is in its published form much, much funnier than it was when I first wrote it. So if you don't think it's funny now, be glad you didn't see it then.

More on the way. Much more. Maybe even on time.

Props to fast-food clerks and sewage workers, by the way.

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